Advanced Human Settlements

How can technological developments help us with the many challenges our civil servants, citizens and businesses face in towns, cities and metropolises across the globe? This track caters for city dwellers with a taste for serious innovation within our urban realm.


We don’t need successive generations anymore for unpredictable evolutionary change. We are rapidly becoming the change makers by modifying and replicating Nature.

Human Nature

This track is all about exploration. Moving forward because we have to, because we can. No logic or common sense required. But is that really the way to go? Expect the unexpected.

Next Society

Autonomy or Control. Customers or Citizens. Privacy or Security. Nationalism or Globalization. Or or And? Update your GPS with the roadmaps to the next society.

Planetary Boundaries

The many sensors around the globe and in space give us pretty clear signals. We are heading towards a warmer planet with a dramatic decrease in biodiversity, a rise of natural hazards and irreversible changes to many landscapes. Who has the solutions and determination to fix (or even reverse) the graphs and keep the globe in shape?