Border Sessions is a yearly tech culture festival with a focus on humanity in our rapidly changing tech-centered society.
Meet inspiring artists, makers, activists, authors, students and scientists. Grab the opportunity to experiment with groundbreaking technologies, learn from experts, have fun and get to know new partners for future endeavours.
Join us: Do you have a mission to induce positive change through technology? Get in touch, start organising a lab or let us know what other ideas you have to contribute to Border Sessions 2019.

“Border Sessions stimulates connections, ideas and potential, offering you the means to start your new tech mission and make a positive impact.”


Too Important

To Jeopardise

Over the course of 4 days you can explore 30 labs, 6 summits, and an eclectic festival night with 30+ sessions, movies, meetups, and many other networking opportunities all over the centre of The Hague.
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