Transparent Supply Blockchain Lab – Border Sessions

Transparent Supply Blockchain Lab

This is the lab for all practitioners and visionaries who want to use blockchain to build more transparent supply chains. Whether it concerns energy, food or clothes, in many industries pioneers are introducing new systems based on blockchain technology to ensure we know more about the origins of our supplies. During this lab we will share cases and experience, and jointly work on a number of challenges we define upfront together with all registered participants. We aim for concrete follow-up after the lab, to start new research, projects or even ventures.

Case 1. Yumeko
Yumeko is interested in contributing to a transparent supply chain for cotton. This very complex market has many actors, numerous people involved and scattered. Farmer to Warehouse already takes 12 steps. Can Blockchain help, maybe in parts of this complex system?

Case 2. Closing The Loop
Closing The Loop helps customers with recycling smartphones. If a company like the NS orders 10.000 new phones, Closing The Loop will recycle the old once. But how do they proof that? Can Blockchain support this process and help Closing The Loop deliver a transparent service to their clients.

Case 3 Human Surge
Human Surge aims to create an independent trust-based network of disaster responders, professionals and organizations.
The idea is to register individual trust-relations between aid workers in the ´real-world´ and place those onto their profile on HumanSurge. The trust-bond is created by aid workers confirming each other’s experiences: Worked together at NGO-X, in country-Y, having position-Z. Combined with the work-relationship (manager, staff, peer) and period (month-year).
The process should give each individual control to strengthen their profile, and to do so only once, in an open-format that they can then share in any vacancy application. Not solely on the HumanSurge platform, but importantly also externally, providing recruiters access to their trust-ranking and underlying data through a unique and secure link.

Their questions:
– How can blockchain solutions be integrated in this process?
– What is the added value of using the blockchain in registering peer-to-peer work verifications (and possibly valuations)?
– What limitations may GDPR impose, considering that such data could be personal, or right to be forgotten?


Reinhardt grew up in South Africa and Ghana. After finishing his IT studies and Hotelschool in The Netherlands, he started his own company to improve communication and workflows of organisations and projects. During his work he came across the world of electronic waste and recycling. At Closing the Loop he focuses on strengthening the existing networks and helping the organisation grow through his experience and knowledge from Africa.

Loek is social entrepreneur, humanitarian, husband and father. He is founder of HumanSurge, a social enterprise striving for a world in which all humanitarian crisis receive an adequate, timely and quality response. Loek has over fifteen years of professional experience, of which ten years in the field of humanitarian response, including multiple natural and man-made disaster contexts such as Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, and the Gaza Strip. He has worked progressively in senior management positions for European and US-based international NGOs, and consulted for the UN. Loek is a Fulbright-scholar and holds three university Master degrees.

Ivo started his first company at the age of 16 and received a nomination for the Spinawards as a young talent. Interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology, he started to mine Bitcoin in 2011. Currently, he is giving workshops and talks about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Rob is a sustainable entrepreneur, founder and director of the social enterprise Yumeko, the only company in the Netherlands that focuses entirely on sustainable bedding, with a fair trade chain focusing on honest and responsible working conditions as well as the usage of organic or circular materials with less animal suffering, fewer chemicals and pesticides and therefore a cleaner and better environment. Rob has an international legal background and was the owner of an online advertising agency with more than 20 years of experience as a management & strategy consultant in the areas of sustainability and CSR, e-business, and the positioning of brands. In addition, he is co-founder and member of the board of War Child for many years and was also a board member of various social and sustainable organizations.