Ocean Floor Engineering Lab – Border Sessions

Ocean Floor Engineering Lab

It is no mystery that oceans around the world are under great pressure. Our mission is to turn the tide. We would like to challenge people from all different fields and backgrounds to join our Ocean Floor Engineering lab and find innovative and groundbreaking solutions for the deterioration of ocean systems worldwide.

We believe that by combining the power of diversity we can couple old ideas to new insights, form novel alliances overnight and tackle the deterioration of our ocean systems in a nonconventional way.

During the lab we challenge you to submerge yourself in one of our three real-life case studies:

1) 3D printing for coral reef protection,
2) Designing a mobile coral lab, and
3) Commercialising oyster beds in the North Sea.

In the meantime, speakers, including Enrico Dini (D-Shape), Michaël Laterveer (Blue Linked), Guyon Brenna (Reef Life Restoration) and Melody Saunders Brenna (Reef Life Restoration), will demonstrate novel innovative ways to use engineering for the restoration of our oceans. All case studies have been formed in cooperation with our partners, WWF-NL and CoralGardening.

With the help of our partners and your ideas we have to possibility to make real changes. So are you an artist, ecologist, engineer, architect, banker, farmer, teacher, in short, a human being? And would you like to use your creativity and knowledge for the protection of our great oceans? We challenge you to dive into the colorful world of oceans and join our mission!


Frank van Klaveren is the founder of CoralGardening. He manages the variety of projects that CoralGardening is involved in, including the restoration of coral reefs in Thailand and Indonesia. During Border Sessions’ Ocean Floor Engineering Lab he will talk about his current projects and the many challenges CoralGardening faces during their mission to protect the world’s most diverse oceanic ecosystems. He invites you to use all your knowledge and creativity to clear the path for mainstream 3D printing of coral reef support systems for the ocean floor and to design of a mobile coral lab that can be used and put together everywhere around the world.

Enrico Dini is the founder of D-shape and the designer of the famous D-Shape 3D printer. During Border Session’s Ocean Floor Engineering Lab he will go into depth about the design of D-Shape 3D printer and explain how the printer can be used in many projects that aim to make the world a more sustainable place.

Michaël Laterveer is the founder of Blue Linked. Before Blue Linked was founded, he developed the coral breeding program of the Oceanium of the Blijdorp zoo in Rotterdam. He, among others, used his expertise in coral breeding to develop a mobile coral lab in shipping containers for the Van Oort company and for the project “Corals in the greenhouse” during which he developed novel sustainable methods to commercially produce corals on Dutch soils. During Border Sessions’ Ocean Floor Engineering Lab Michaël will talk about his coral breeding projects and the coral labs he developed.