Edible Insects Lab – Border Sessions

Edible Insects Lab

Bugs can save humanity! New delicious diets based on insects can satisfy the ever increasing need for proteins: we will be with a whopping 9 billion people in 2050! If we stick to our current consumption pattern, our planet will suffer severely from the inefficient and damaging food production. We need proteïne rich alternatives which are produced in a more efficient and less damaging way. Eating insects could be one of the alternatives to achieve this. We would like to challenge people from all different fields and backgrounds to join our Edible Insect Lab and explore what we can do to make this change. During the lab we will work on smart insect production, create recipes and cook with insects. All ideas during this day will be used to create a new Edible Insect movement. So if you’re into gastronomy, farming, technology, design, world travelling, research or engineering, join us. Please bring bugs!

During this lab you will get inspired by presentations, learn about production, create Bug Bitterballs and work together on the Edible Insect Movement.


NEW FARM: 1st floor 09:30 Registration open, coffee
NEW FARM: 1st floor 10:00 Welcome: Corina Maduro – The Start of a Bug Food Movement
NEW FARM: 1st floor 10:15 Presentation: Evelien Donkers – Jimini’s
NEW FARM: 1st floor 10:30 Presentation: Sjasko Laugs – Wurmpie Wurmpie
NEW FARM: 1st floor 10:45 Introduction workshop world of bugs
NEW FARM: 1st floor 11:50 Presentation Sander and Freya – Burgs Foods – From Insect to Burger
NEW FARM: 1st floor 11:30 Continue workshop world of bugs
NEW FARM: TBA      12:30 Lunch
NEW FARM: 1st floor 13:00 Group 1: Final workshop: Start of the Bug Food Movement + prsentations
NEW FARM: UF roof 13:00 Group 2: Tour The New Farm – Urban Farming
NEW FARM: UF roof 14:00 Group 1: Tour The New Farm – Urban Farming
NEW FARM: 1st floor 14:00 Group 2: Final workshop: Start of the Bug Food Movement + prsentations
NEW FARM: UF roof 15:00 Presentation and workshop: Open Insect Farm – Distributed Farming,                                                                   co-design the distributed farm
NEW FARM: UF roof 16:00 Presentation and workshop: Making a Bug Bitterball (NL)
NEW FARM: UF roof 16:00 Hotelschool The Hague “Edible Insect Ambassador-experiment” (EN)
NEW FARM: UF roof 17:00 Drinks and bug biterballs at Urban Farmers
18:00 End program


(Burgs Foods)