Future Interactions Lab – Border Sessions

Future Interactions Lab

“How Can We Humanize Smart Cities Through More Social Inclusive Services & Interactions In The Future?”

We have entered an era where the principle idea is leading, that everything that can be automated, shall be automated in the now … and in the future. From an efficiency perspective, this is – or could be – positive, however from a societal perspective, this comes at a risk.

For it could mean that we as social beings could lose a significant part of our human to human contact. With an effect that part of societal group will be excluded. Either you are in. Or you are out. Or, you are half in or half out. Which is sometimes even more frustrating. Either way, you play a lesser role in society. Or, even worse, you fall off societies’ platform. Especially, or specifically, vulnerable groups that are unable to take part, because they are too old, have disabilities, come from abroad willingly or unwillingly, mentally can’t cope with all the changes, etc. etc.

Our mission is to develop new, outstanding, never thought of, outside-the-box great and inclusive experiences, means and solutions without thinking in constraints. We believe this can give a first push to inspire interaction for an inclusive future.

We want to challenge with you the way we could use technology for a more inclusive future. To determine the role of interaction design. And show how our interactions should look like.

09:30-10:00 Walk-in & introduction
10:00 – 11:40 Challenge 1
11:40 – 12:30 Lunch
12:30 – 13:50 Challenge 2
13:50 – 14:45 Break, Presentation Joost v/d Made (NS), Q&A
14:45 – 16:05 Challenge 3
16:05 – 17:00 – Break, pitching and drinks


(UX Cocktail Hour / Hoppinger)
(UX Cocktail Hour / Hoppinger)
(Design for Humanity)