Impact City Startups Lab (Tour and Matchmaking) – Border Sessions

Impact City Startups Lab (Tour and Matchmaking)

The Hague is the first ImpactCity of the world. We are proud to be the frontrunner on an international scale when it comes down to join forces for entrepreneurship and impact to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (UN). The core of ImpactCity is ‘doing good & doing business’.

ImpactCity is the startup and scale-up community of The Hague. We help innovative entrepreneurs to start successfully and to grow their business. Our unique ImpactCity hub connects startups with governments, international companies, research centers, studios, and thousands of creative entrepreneurs.

World Startup Factory is a startup accelerator dedicated to helping founders build successful ventures with positive impact by exploring, learning and investing together. It is one of the major players in the Netherlands, and has connections with startup hubs and events around the globe. In 2018, World Startup Factory will run at least 4 accelerator programs, and in 2019 will be the top startup accelerator for impact-driven entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Apart from the World Startup Factory programs, the team successfully supported various Dutch local, regional and national government organizations to connect with startups to jointly foster government innovation.

The goal of this lab is twofold. It’s for founders of impact startups to explore the possibilities of the international community in The Hague and access new market opportunities. It’s for humanitarian organisations to explore the added value of innovative tech startups. So you must have guessed it by now, we look forward to foster public and private partnerships on key challenges such as humanitarian innovation, sustainability, renewable energy and food. Let’s work together on global challenges! Read more on our website: and join our community.


09:30 – 10:00 Walk in at The City Hall (Spui 70)
10.00 – 10.20 Kick-Off at The City Hall
10.20 – 10.50 Pick-Up Bikes and meet your guide
10.50 – 11.20 Bike to Hosting Hub #1
11.20 – 12:00 Presentation and interaction at Hosting Hub #1
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch at Hosting hub #1 and interaction within the Tour group
13:00 – 13:30 Bike to Hosting Hub #2
13:30 – 14:10 Presentation and interaction at Hosting Hub #2
14:10 – 14:40 Bike to matchmaking Kompaan Beer Bar
14:40 – 14:50 Walk in at matchmaking location
14:50 – 15:00 Kickoff matchmaking
15:00 – 16:30 Speed dating 3*30 mins (includes switch)
16:30 – Closing and start Networking drinks

*Please be advised Tour 3 schedule is slightly different. Your tour guides will inform you on the day.

TOUR 1: Next generation technology
11:20-12:00: The Hague Tech (Speakers: Brian Gharibaan, Hans van leeuwen)
13:30-14:10: Hague Security Delta (Speakers: Hans Henseler, Bram Spitzer)

TOUR 2: Feeding the cities
11:20-12:00: The New Farm (Speakers: Peter de Groot, Annelies Goedbloed)
13:30-14:10: New World Campus (Speakers: Jeffrey Jouvernaar, Walter Dresscher)

TOUR 3: Humanity in action
11:00-11:40: The Humanity Hub (Speakers: Jill Wilkinson, Christina Moreno)
13:30-14:10: Apollo14 (Speakers: Fransje de Gelder, Loek Peeters)

– Impact startup founders from Europe
– Ambitious entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the impact startup ecosystem in The Hague
– Startup entrepreneurs who would like to matchmake with the right people in order to share experiences and ideas on creating an impact
– or simply startup founders who want to visit The Hague and see what the city has to offer for startups
– If you’re not a startup and would like to attend the speed dating, please drop a line to


Christina Moreno is the founder and CEO of She Matters, a social enterprise recruitment agency with a mission to empower refugee and migrant women to enter the labour market. An international lawyer by training, her passion lies in providing them with the support they need to build their social and economic capital, boost their self-confidence and become leaders in their homes, businesses and communities.

Most recently, Christina worked as a legal associate and head of communications at an international legal partnership based in The Hague that specialises in on the ground international humanitarian and human rights law. She is a Thomson Reuter’s Foundation Trust Conference Scholar (2017), and was selected as one of HiiL Innovating Justice’s ‘Persons to Watch in 2018 for Justice Innovation.’

Annelies is an ICT-engineer, started as a software developer, worked for years in several jobs, made a career as a manager. She was inspired by Gunter Pauli in 2012, followed his training in Belgium (Blue Economy) and try to figure out how to get materials out of our IT hardware. She did not succeed in this, but was aware of the fact something had to change. This is where she focussed on growing mushroom on coffee ground as a waste. From there on several further steps we can make in order to improve on sustainability and collaboration.  

Walter Dresscher studied architecture at the technical university of Delft. After working at several architectural offices in Paris and Amsterdam he started his own initiative called “de natuurlijke stad” (The Natural City). Around the world people move to cities and the population on the countryside shrinks. The city is more and more the natural habitat for people. The fact that people still experience city and nature as two different entities shows that cities do not yet provide a true natural living environment. Walter Dresscher seeks opportunities to transform cities so they can truly be “natural”.

In 2017 Walter Dresscher joined the P2P foundation team to coordinate the Dutch language blog. He implements P2P values in his work and seeks to connect and promote P2P practices. In this role he hopes to be able to accelerate the needed transition to new value systems and transform cities to more just, open and fair environments for (human) life.

Hans Henseler is a managing director responsible for marketing and sales. Hans is also professor of Digital Forensics & e-Discovery at University of Applied Sciences Leiden, Chair of the Board of Directors of DFRWS and member of the board of the Netherlands Organization of Court Experts. In 1992 he founded  the Forensic Computer Investigation Department at the NFI. He was business unit manager Forensics and E-Discovery at Fox-IT, director of forensic technology at PricewaterhouseCoopers and CTO at ZyLAB. Hans received his M.Sc. in Computer Science from Delft University of Technology and his Ph.D. in Artificial Neural Networks at the Maastricht University.

Loek is social entrepreneur, humanitarian, husband and father. He is founder of HumanSurge, a social enterprise striving for a world in which all humanitarian crisis receive an adequate, timely and quality response. Loek has over fifteen years of professional experience, of which ten years in the field of humanitarian response, including multiple natural and man-made disaster contexts such as Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, and the Gaza Strip. He has worked progressively in senior management positions for European and US-based international NGOs, and consulted for the UN. Loek is a Fulbright-scholar and holds three university Master degrees.


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