Learn and Earn, Open Badges Lab – Border Sessions

Learn and Earn, Open Badges Lab

Your diploma and certificates alone do not define who your are. Where, how and when we learn is changing dramatically, and how we get recognized for what we learn is changing too. Open Badges makes it possible to recognize learning on a competence level. Earning Badges and show them to potential employers makes it very visual what your competences are and as it contains evidence of what you have done to earn this Badges, it makes it small e-portfolio’s too. This ‘Learnen earn; Badges Lab’ will be about learning in (non) formal learning settings and shows a way to get recognition for the competence you gain there with Badges. Ruud Veltenaar, philosopher and trendwatcher is the key speaker and will show us the future in learning and how technology can support this. The lab will give inside in Open Badges and demonstrates an unique European SHARE method ready to use by your organization. So, get inspired, informed and practically engaged with Badges!


van Egmond