Low & High Tech Food Lab – Border Sessions

Low & High Tech Food Lab

The conventional food systems are under increasing pressure from growing populations, urbanisation, diminishing resources and climate change. Changes are needed to help people find healthy and affordable food.

New technologies allow us to grow food in places where it used to be difficult or even impossible. From small outdoor rooftop gardens to commercial indoor vertical LED farms. This allows remote harsh environments and large cosmopolitans to start producing fresh and healthy food locally. New circular models use waste streams as input for new food tech and solutions can also be found in food processing technologies, nanotechnology and innovative food formulations. Food engineering is needed to make this change.

This lab allows you to look into the future of food and creates an unexpected context by looking back at the past. Old fashioned, sometimes forgotten techniques offer inspiration for the future. Here you can try, taste, learn, imagine and get inspired. Do you want to become part of a new food movement? Just join us!

Our programme:

9:30 Start
10:00 Welcome by hosts Jaap & Marjanne
10:15 Wythe Marschall
10:45 3 x presentations and workshops; Slow Food Den Haag, Haagse Zwam, Glorious Bastards
12:15 Lunch + workshop by Yuri Verbeek
13:45 3 x presentations and workshops; AstroPlant, Urban Farmers and Farmbot
15:00 FutureFood presentation by Matthijs Diederiks
15:30 Urban Food Network presentation + workshop
17:00 Drinks at Nutshuis


(Haagse Hogeschool)