Prototyping Next Senses – Border Sessions

Prototyping Next Senses

If you could have another sense, which sense would you choose? Would you like to have the ability to sense electromagnetic fluctuations like sharks do? Would you prefer to hear the urban soundscape of WiFi signals? Or would you like an extra organ that regulates the usage and sensitivity of the senses you already have?

In this lab we explore the uncharted territory of future senses. How do we want to perceive the world? The world we live in has changed drastically over the ages, but our everyday means of perceiving it remained the same. Isn’t it time to reevaluate the way we access to the outer world? We will dive into new ways of interaction between humans and technology by weaving together the boundaries between art, technology and crafts. Participants will design and develop an instinctive experience for the internet or another technology of your own. Working with smells, taste, sounds or touch, this will result in experimental interfaces, interactive installations or even in new products, attempting to broaden the public’s perception of the environment that surrounds us.



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