The Hague Hacks, Design for Activism – Border Sessions

The Hague Hacks, Design for Activism

The Hague Hacks aims to bring together the often separate worlds of peace, justice and technology to create opportunities and build partnerships. By stimulating mutual cooperation, The Hague Hacks promotes the development and use of emerging technologies for peace and justice.

Activism is essential to society, by documenting, monitoring and addressing violations and campaigning for change and political accountability, activists are crucial in the protection of the rights of all. Activists from all over the world face a variety of challenges within their daily work, however the two cases we will be focusing on for this lab are:

1) Protecting indigenous people and their forests in Brazil with Renata Terra Cunha
2) Democracy in Hong Kong with Nathan Law from Hong Kong

Can innovative tech provide solutions for these cases? Are you interested in the worlds of peace, justice and technology? If you think so, come and join us with your thinking caps on! The best solution will be one of the cases for the Hack the Planet Hackathon on June 15 & 16.




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