Border Sessions
Out of Chaos edition
2 November 2022


The Grey Space in the Middle
The Hague
The Netherlands

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We live our lives today created by those who foresaw the future in the past. And we believe that a beautiful tomorrow is now forged in the bright minds of visionary innovators. We must give the stage to those pioneers. Their early discoveries are vital for the sustainable change we need and long for. What is happening now in remote studios, laboratories, garages, and unis are opportunities not to be missed. Border Sessions is the place where we scout these stories, which must be shared and discussed with us - the people.

Border Sessions is all about early-stage innovators in technology and culture. Preferably the mix of these two pillars for the future. Technology dominates our lives every day. And culture is what binds us in the ecosystems we thrive in. We are extremely curious to know what will be the next Tesla, the better MacSomething or the new Google giving digital power to us all. The brainiacs, the punk artists and the disruptive teams are out there who work with the principles of change. They create the breakthrough concepts which will influence our lives in a decade or two. We invite, welcome and host these heroes.

The future is about evolution. Smooth changes in time that polish what is already there. We add a bit of revolution to time. We desperately need it to intervene and correct the mistakes humanity has made. A beautiful tomorrow will happen if we change habits and embrace the ideas of the bright minds who design a sustainable future today.

We are Border Sessions. Let us take a walk along the borders of positive change.