Friday, 30 June

Next Society

Fri 30 June | 13:00 - 13:30


Another Galaxy

Data Politics – View from the Glass Room

The “obsessive collection“ of data manifests itself in unusual ways, from the micro to the macro level: mattresses that collect data on our body temperature and sleep movements; mobile flashlight apps that collect our location data; algorithms that predict the next generation of criminals and monitor the telephone communications of entire countries. During this talk, I will showcase a range of reflections on our quantified society and the processes of self-quantification through Tactical Tech’s recent project called the Glass Room. This live installation combines selected artworks, digital products, research and activist projects with discussions, consultations, and demos.


Marek Tuszynski, Creative Director and co-founder of Tactical Tech, produces creative and social interventions that span various media, from film and radio to television, books, exhibitions and, of course, the web. For the past two decades, he has been working at the nexus of technology and politics, information and activism and the consequences of living in a quantified society. Marek’s most recent documentary series for Tactical Tech, Exposing the Invisible explores the digital tools and tactics that now enable evidence based activism to thrive on an unprecedented scale.

Marek is also co-founder of the creative agency Tactical Studios, co-curator of the exhibition Nervous Systems: Quantified Life and the Social Question and The Glass Room and co-author of the book Visualising Information for Advocacy. Currently working on a new radio show, a continuation of ecently concluded Love & Chaos that was produced for Berlin’s Reboot FM.