Design Tools for New Biomaterials – Border Sessions

Design Tools for New Biomaterials

DNA circuits can be used to reduce our ecological footprint through the development of sustainable textiles, dyeing processes and biomaterials. Despite advances in biotechnology techniques the barriers of entry remain stubbornly high. We still lack basic design tools to model and prototype new DNA circuits. Biodesigners still fumble for weeks through expensive and unoptimised iterative cycles. Cell-Free Technology aims to replace this by supplying rapid prototyping tools for designing proteins both computationally and with high speed extracellular testing.


Thomas Meany is the co-founder and CEO of Cell-Free Technology, a biotechnology company that enables high speed DNA circuit testing. Prior to this he held an interdisciplinary fellowship in the University of Cambridge Plant Science Department studying applications of technology in synthetic biology. He holds a PhD in physics and prior to working in biotechnology he developed semiconductor circuits in the quantum information group at Toshiba’s Cambridge Research Labs.



Thursday 14 June


14:15 - 14:45

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Filmhuis Den Haag – The Bliss Suite