Hyperconnected Food as a road to sustainability – Border Sessions

Hyperconnected Food as a road to sustainability

GrubTubs is a revolutionary way to recycle. We believe in challenging the status quo, we work towards a better future for our planet, and all of its inhabitants. By innovating new ways of farming that are truly self-sustainable, simple to use and profitable enough for local farmers to make a living. GrubTubs, inc pioneers the design, development and manufacturing of a sustainable insect-based production system to make local animal feed ingredients from organic wastes.

GrubTubs collects leftovers from restaurants and drops it off at various farms. Each farm is equipped with a colony of hungry grubs that grow fat and happy devouring these leftovers. Once fully grown, Farmers harvest the grubs and feed them to chickens. Not only do chickens love eating grubs, it’s the staple food of their natural diet and a fantastic recipe for healthy eggs.


Robert Olivier is a visionary bringing together business and environment. For 2 Decades, he has developed insect-based technologies across 22 countries. He has served as president of ESR International, an environmental research and development company focusing on industrial separation and recycling technologies and he currently he is the Founder of GrubTubs, Inc.



Thursday 14 June


15:45 - 16:15

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