Thursday, 29 June

Human Nature

Thu 29 June | 12:30 - 14:30



Learn about the Swarm, a New Species Emerges

In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of robotic swarms and their potential impact.
Inexpensive, highly miniaturized autonomously flying aircraft, spacecraft and roving robots have the capability to cooperate in swarms, quickly providing information on large areas of infrastructure in harsh environments where other data collection systems are hard to deploy or use. Swarms are “self-deploying”, flexible and robust sensor networks.
After the workshop, you will learn about the RoboHouse, a new lab in Delft where you are welcome to test these types of robotic technologies for yourself.

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Small, light-weight flying robots such as the 20-gram DelFly Explorer form an extreme challenge to Artificial Intelligence, because of the strict limitations in onboard sensors, processing, and memory. Guido de Croon tries to uncover general principles of intelligence that will allow such limited, small robots to perform complex tasks with his team at the MavLab of the TU Delft. His current research projects consists of swarms, optical flow control, DelFly and Evolutionary Robotics.

Chris Verhoeven is an associate professor in the department of microelectronics at the Delft University of Technology since 1999. His research interests are systematic analog design, RF circuits, adaptive radio systems, sensor electronics and avionics for drones, sounding rockets and nano-satellites. Since 2013 Chris Verhoeven is Theme Leader of the Swarm Theme of the TU-Delft Robotics Institute that does research on swarms of underwater robots, rovers, drones and nano satellites and that supports student research on controlled sounding rockets in the Korolev Lab of the institute. He is also Theme Leader of the Space Robotics Theme of the TU-Delft Space Institute, with a focus on micro propulsion and space born mechatronics.

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