Friday, 30 June

Planetary Boundaries

Fri 30 June | 10:00 - 11:00


Another Galaxy

Our Planet Is Hacked. What Happened?

Hack The Planet aims to look at global challenges from new angles. We experienced that in order to counter these challenges, smart and easy-to-deploy solutions make the difference. Hack The Planet is about using (unconventional) technology and solutions to global challenges that have been lingering for decades.

Hack The Planet and Border Sessions collaborate for the biggest Hackathon so far. From Wednesday to Thursday at midnight, a team of developers, designers, engineers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, strategists and artists work on cases provided by Unicef, Warchild, Oxfam and WFP.

During these presentations, the teams demonstrate their awesome ideas in short pitches, showing the Border Sessions audience how we can make this planet a better place.


Anton Vanhoucke is a tinkerer, engineer, hacker and strategist at Fabrique, one of the most famous strategic design agencies in the Netherlands. Anton likes to combine both hardware and social engineering. He loves to figure out what makes people tick as much as what makes machines tick. Together this generates the currency of our times: behavioural change. Anton is also a scrum and lean startup trainer. In this capacity he makes sure great ideas don’t just stay ideas but get out there and make it to the market.

Tim van Deursen is an engineer on a mission to make a positive contribution to the world. Tim wants to super charge high-tech efforts needed to solve big global challenges. He believes many such challenges we nowadays have can benefit from smart easy to deploy technology. Technology can and needs to be part of solving global challenges and therefore Tim created team “Hack The Planet” that aims to do exactly this.