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Thu 29 June | 11:00 - 12:00


Another Galaxy

Research on Advanced Robotics for Marine

Ikuo Yamamoto has developed many kinds of robotic fish based on elastic oscillating fin propulsion systems from 1989. ‘Research on Advanced Robotics for Marine’ discusses the past, present, and future of robotic fish technology. How were his robotic sea bream, coelacanth, carp, shark ray and the life-like robotic dolphin developed?


Ikuo Yamamoto is professor at Nagasaki University, Japan (Graduate School of Engineering, Medical Science, and Organization for Marine Science & Technology).
Yamamoto has worked at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, JAMSTEC and as professor at Kyushu, Kitakyushu, and Nagasaki University. He was the leader of AUV ‘Urashima’, which established the world record for autonomous cruising in 2005 and developed ‘Kaiko, Suibot, Seabot, Raybot’, which was crowned champion at the World Convention four times. Yamamoto is the inventor of the first life-like robotic fish, seabream. His robotic fish took his first swim in the International Space Station in 2009. Over the past few years he developed over 16 type robotic fish, such as dolphins, shark rays, carps and tuna.