Rethinking and designing the concept of the “Digital Detox” – Border Sessions

Rethinking and designing the concept of the “Digital Detox”

As we are always online, we filter our world through screens. Therefore, Ruben wonders, whether we are using too much technology to filter our surroundings that we need to detox from it? Or if it’s about finding the right balance. After attending the talk, visitors will have gained an introduction to the Next Nature philosophy. Moreover, they will go home with a new perspective on their digital behavior, along with a sneak peak into detox methods and speculative products.


Ruben Baart is a writer and designer based in Amsterdam. His work explores alternative futures with technology through speculative design and hybrid media. Ruben holds a Master’s degree in visual strategy and currently works as the editor-in-chief at Next Nature Network. This international network stimulates debate around the impact of technology on the relation between people, nature and technology through multidisciplinary projects, publications and events. Among other projects, Ruben is editor of the NANO Supermarket book, which will be published later this year.



Thursday 14 June


10:00 - 10:30

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Filmhuis Den Haag – Another Galaxy