Friday, 30 June

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Fri 30 June | 16:15 - 17:00



Science Fiction Reality: Automation Anxiety, Climate Calamity and Capitalist Crisis

The prospect of mass automation displacing jobs has been raised by many recent writings, and by public figures like Bill Gates. At the same time, accelerating climate change threatens to undermine standards of living around the world. In my book, “Four Futures”, I combine the tools of social science and speculative fiction to investigate how these twin crises could play out in a world of severe political and economic inequality.


Peter Frase is a member of the editorial board of Jacobin magazine. He writes on technology, labor, and politics. During Border Sessions he will present his first book, Four Futures, Life after capitalism, about the use of robots in our society and its opportunities and threats in the future. Or as the Guardian headlined its review: will robots bring utopia or terror?


Pete Wu is a (freelance) journalist and editor, writes about identity, emancipation, the media, and the little man, and has worked for, among others, Brandpunt+, VICE, de Volkskrant, NOS, VPRO, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Mindshakes and Quest.