Friday, 30 June

Human Nature

Fri 30 June | 13:15 - 15:15




In the field of wearable technology, or so-called ‘e-textiles’, the relationship between body, technology and environment takes centre stage. How can technology help us connect to our bodies and maximize our senses? During this workshop, you will experience in a more intuitive way what e-textiles or wearable technology could mean for you. In a playful way, through a few movement exercises, we will explore your senses. We will experiment through physical contact with things and others around us, as participants will discover and explore an added layer of communication. Lastly, with a prepared suit embedded with electronics, the participants will interpret the sensation of movement and their connection to others by way of sound.

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Anja Hertenberger is an artist and researcher. The research she does is visible in interactive installations, performance art and e-textiles. Her current research theme is Intuition and Sensibility in relation to soft-electronics and sensor technology. She teaches interactive design and interactive textile, curated for the Media Art Festival Friesland and has co-organized the SOFT symposium at The Royal Academy of The Hague in the Netherlands. She is one of the main developers of the e-textile / wearable technology lab ‘WEtec’ recently implemented at the Royal Academy of the Hague. Her artistic work has been exhibited in Singapore, Germany, The Netherlands other European countries.

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