The Cosmopolitical Gesture and AGI – Border Sessions
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The Cosmopolitical Gesture and AGI

Annihilation (2018), Ex Machina (2014)

To imagine a truly contemporary cosmopolitics, this session considers sentience and sapience across radically diverse spatiotemporal scales – from the nanometer & nanosecond all the way to the planet, the heliopause and beyond.

Key questions emerge: what is natural or artificial intelligence at each of these scales? For example: Can cities and forests ‘think?’ If so, what kind of intelligence is afforded them, and across what timescales? Does a planet have a ‘mind’ or ‘computational capacity?’ If so, what information processing takes place, what networks are folded into that, and how can we work as designers to access those flows of information and energy? What ‘lives’ at each scale? What aspect, part, or whole of ‘the human’ and the ‘inhuman’ thinks at each of these scales? Are there ‘universals’ of intelligence that can be mapped and extrapolated? What might constitute a ‘cosmic commons’ and what alternate cognitive frameworks might we need to map it? Is there a point of balance between mutual aid and mutually assured destruction? Does anything human make it out of the near future?

This session sketches out what is at stake for a viable, ‘post planetary’ politics in the face of ubiquitous technology & artificial intelligence, with a focus on radically non-human and weird ecologies and the possibility of alternate forms of collectivity and compassion: the ‘cosmopolitical gesture’.


Edward Keller is the Director of the Center for Transformative Media [CTM] and Associate Professor at Parsons School of Design. He is a designer, writer, musician and multimedia artist. Ed is co-founder, with Carla Leitao, of AUM Studio / Spec.AE, an award winning architecture, new media and design research firm based between New York and Lisbon; their work encompasses residential architecture, urban competitions, and new media installations in Europe and the US. Keller has spoken on architecture, film, technology and ecology internationally; selected conferences he has convened include Design and Existential Risk; Post Planetary Capital; Signal Path; The Limits of Guitar; & Future of Mind.



Thursday 14 June


12:45 - 13:15

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Filmhuis Den Haag – Another Galaxy