Visions of a Techno-Leviathan: The battle of the blockchain ideologies – Border Sessions

Visions of a Techno-Leviathan: The battle of the blockchain ideologies

Since its inception in 2008, blockchain technology has lived a double-life. On the one hand it exists a practical set of protocols designed to achieve certain practical ends. On the other hand it is space for people to pin their hopes, desires, dreams and political projects. The technology has become host to an array of ideological visions for how society should be arranged, but whether the actual technology enables these visions is a separate question. In this talk, Brett Scott will explore the various ideological strains, from the dominant strands of conservative libertarianism, Austrian economics and cyber-utopianism, to the neo-fascist elements that have appeared. Finally he’ll look at the attempts to create left wing versions of blockchain technology, or ideological hybrids.


Brett Scott is an economic explorer and financial hacker traversing the intersections between money systems, finance, digital technology and cities. He is the author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money (2013), and collaborates with a wide range on groups on diverse topics, including banking systems, financial activism, digital finance, blockchain technology, hacker culture, technology politics and the dynamics of cashless society. He tweets as @suitpossum



Thursday 14 June


11:15 - 11:45

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Filmhuis Den Haag – Another Galaxy