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Johan Boekholt

Johan Boekholt

Johan Boekholt develops innovative concepts to accelerate the energy transition. In a multi-stakeholder playing field with complex social issues, he realizes groundbreaking concepts for CO2 reduction. In the start-up phase he knows how to bridge between customer needs and organizational design.
Successful projects within the theme of energy saving are Buurkracht and De VvE Zonnecoach, both enabling individuals and groups to take steps towards a more sustainable world. At present, Johan focuses on new concepts for electric charging and sustainable area development.

In 2003 Johan started his career at one of the largest energy companies in the Netherlands. In 2005 he became an independent entrepreneur with a focus on organizational issues within the energy sector. Where in the first years projects focused on internal process design and improvement, a major turnaround was made in 2012, towards designing and building organizations upon customer needs.
His most painful moment in his carrier? The moment he realized that he had been ‘talking about the customer’ for years, but never ‘talked to a customer’! Nowadays in-depth understanding of the customer/user needs is an essential part of all his projects. Value for users increases by working iteratively and incrementally, in interaction with the user and other chain partners. And the proof of the pudding is in designing and building an excellent organization of people, processes, systems and partnerships to succeed.