Rob Ruts – Border Sessions
Rob Ruts

Rob Ruts

As a visual artist, theatre and film maker as well as an expert in urban safety, security and risk management Rob Ruts is committed to finding new ways in engaging in urban challenges. He puts philosophy into practice using his knowledge of pragmatism and Actor-Network Theory related concepts. He does so acting as quartermaster urban innovation laboratories at THUAS, initiating and developing what in The Hague are called InnoLabs. They provide for opportunities to be engaged in finding new and inclusive ways to approach tough issues such as poverty, polarization, energy transition, achieving a heathy, inclusive and sustainable city.

As such they provide for an excellent learning and research environment. Rob develops the notion of challenge driven education into a practical arrangement of spaces in which students with academic and vocational backgrounds meet and work on outcomes of InnoLabs, assist in research and experimentation within labs, develop tools to complement laboratory inventory.

He is also closely involved with the development of a new urban knowledge infrastructure in which community based sources of knowledge are equal part in the considerations about how to make the city. As an artist he contributes to using art and design, for instance in triggering new representations of urban challenges and how communities see them.

Rob also looks into the consequences of new philosophies of knowledge for academic and vocational education and research as well as for the management of organizations in the public sector.