Quantified: A game of data and privacy – Border Sessions

Quantified: A game of data and privacy

’Quantified’ is a cooperative board game, set in a world in which everyone’s behavior is constantly surveilled and analyzed. A player’s behavior results in a social credit score, determining their position on the social ladder. Players start from different positions on the social ladder, as refugee, unemployed or employed, with unequal access to human rights. The goal of the game is to make all rights accessible to all players and to fight the implementation of totalitarian policies. Come join, play and fight for your digital rights.

Objective of the game

‘Quantified’ shows us how we put our rights at risk when setting conditions to human rights. Players experience how legal innocent activities can make them lose their rights and how they can collectively fight for laws that protect their rights.


Three sessions of the same board game will be played simultaneously. Every game lasts for 60 to 90 minutes.

Game creator

Quantified is a game by Janna Ullrich with art by Aaron Fernandez. It is co-developed and published by Quality Beast and will be released in 2019/2020. The development is made possible by the generous support of Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industrie and Quality Beast. Janna Ullrich is an Amsterdam-based designer, developing tools to enable users to explore and experience dystopian as well as utopian scenarios evolving from social power structures. She directs and collaborates on projects on the intersection of activism and art, comprising the conception and design of media like games, animation and online platforms to make complex political subjects accessible and comprehensible to a wide audience.


Manon Muti and Hisham Almiraat work for Justice and Peace, a Hague-based organization that helps international human rights defenders in distress find a temporary shelter thanks to its Shelter City program, a growing network of Dutch and international cities. Manon and Hisham are digital security trainers and will be moderating the game while offering insights on how digital rights affect everybody’s offline freedoms and how the quantification of our lives brings challenges and opportunities in the fight for broader human rights.


(Photo: Daniella van Bergen)


Wednesday 13 June


17:00 - 20:00

Session type



Riviervismarkt 5,
2513 AM, The Hague