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The Copenhagen Letter and what’s moving in technology

Sneak peek on The Copenhagen Letter 2018: Workshop to drive a new progressive leadership in for technology

During the inaugural Techfestival, Sept 2017, 150 leading technologists gathered during a 48-hours think tank and coined what became The Copenhagen Letter, a love letter for those shaping technology today. The letter has since then been signed by more than 4,000 people, from CEOs to students, from AI-researchers to hardware engineers, from journalists to nurses.

This September, 150 people are once again invited to Copenhagen. Based on the conversation that was kickstarted last year, the participants are taking The Copenhagen Letter’s visions to new heights by co-creating guiding principles and human answers to lead human answers and technology progress.

In this workshop, we are inviting you to help us define the structure for this year’s gathering of 150 leading technologists. Where to go? Whom to invite? How to facilitate it? How to make it travel beyond Copenhagen, beyond inner circles.

Preliminary program

The zeitgeist
The letter
The shortcomings
The solutions
The wrap-up


Thursday 14 June


12:00 - 13:30


De Stille
Stille Veerkade 19,
2512 BE , Den Haag